SP50 Iroda SolderPro Burn in Knife

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SP50 Iroda SolderPro Burn in Knife

SP50 Iroda SolderPro Burn in Knife

Iroda Solderpro butane burn in knife. Compact and economical to use. Good balance helps make burn-ins easier. Easy to fill. Fast heat-up. Durable with no moving parts. Fill once with butane fuel for an hour of use. Comes with a flat burn-in blade. 


Iroda SOLDERPRO-50 is a popular pocket-sized butane powered burn in knife.

This multi-function heat tool is specifically designed for Furniture repair techs or the hobby/DIY enthusiast.

Ideal for quick repairs of furniture/wood burns ins for furniture repair techs with the provided flat tip blade. Fits in your pocket or pack and is ready to power on wherever you are.

Equivalent to a power range 30-70 Watt.
Cordless, simple, and safe operation anywhere.
Ready to use 18 seconds after ignition.

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SP50 Iroda SolderPro Burn in Knife
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