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NEW Leather Repair Aerosol System

The NEW Leather Repair Aerosol System offers 3 more basecoats to the product line (KINSEY DARK BROWN, LIGHT GREY, AND CHARCOAL GREY). It contains aerosols used to color over damages on pigmented leather (also known as top coated) where there is color loss, or the leather has been repaired.  The aerosols are designed to enable you to match most of the leather furniture that is popular today.  They are especially effective at repairing two-tone finishes which are otherwise so difficult to match.  The system includes Basecoats for matching background colors, Toners to add color over the Basecoats and to apply the stippled effect in two-tones, Color Adjusters for fine-tuning the color of the repair, and Leather/Vinyl Finish™ to adjust the sheen.   


  • Leather Repair Basecoats - Coppertone, Light Tan, Warm Brown, Burnt Umber, Cool Brown, Burgundy, Black, White, Beige, Medium Brown, Red, Kinsey Dark Brown, Light Grey, and Charcoal Grey
  • Leather Repair Color Adjusters - Orange Brown, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Black
  • Leather Repair Toners - Warm Brown, Cool Van Dyke Brown, Black
  • Leather/Viny Finish™ - Gloss, Satin, Flat
  • Instruction Sheet
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