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Warpspeed Woodworking

Instant Adhesive

Instant Adhesive

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Industrial grade for maximum bonding strength. The thin version wicks into tight places where flowing into and under is essential. Medium and Heavy are for semi-smooth surfaces. Gel viscosity is for filling and bonding porous surfaces. Non-whitening activator accelerates your curing time. De-bonder removes unwanted and excess glue. Glue any combination of wood, Naugahyde, plastic, veneers, cardboard, rubber, ceramics, leather or vinyl. No clamping, instant set. Excellent for repairing windshake and pits in white wood. Mohawk's new Aerosol Activator is an easy to use, more economical method to activate Instant Adhesive. Note: Precision Tips, M745-1495, are designed for this group of adhesives. These tips DO NOT fit the Hot Stuff Instant Glue.

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