About Us


Warp Speed Woodworking Supply, LLC carries a full line of Mohawk products from basic wax sticks, burn in sticks, color pencils, stains, lacquers, aerosols, etc. Most anything you might need for a repair or touch up. We also carry a full line of Sia sandpaper, glues, cleaners for wood and fabric, leather touch up supplies, disposable gloves, masking tape, paint brushes, cleaning rags and more.

We can build touch up kits for your contractors, installers or designers to take with them on the final inspection, a quick dab of a touch up marker can put the final touch on a cabinet that might otherwise be an issue in getting your final payment. Our in house techs would be happy to give you some guidance or instruction as to how to best use the products or how to do a repair either by phone or in person. 

We also offer professional cabinet and furniture repair, in house or on site, when just a simple touch up marker will not be enough. We can repair most damage and often times a cabinet manufacturer would rather do a local repair as opposed to making and shipping a brand new cabinet. We have been told several times that “you can’t fix that” but in fact in most cases we can with just a day or two turnaround time rather than waiting a week or two for a replacement, again all in an effort to complete the job and get your final payment quicker.